Thursday, February 28, 2008


Some interesting notes:
1)when I was born, US postage was 5 cents.
2)my "certificate of live birth" also includes spaces to list all the children/fetuses born alive or dead (or born alive but now dead) to my mother
3)there is a space for "operation for delivery(other than episiotomy)" as if episiotomy doesn't count.
4)my mother's maiden name is listed instead of her married name. Hmm.

Anyway.....Sweden, here I come!
And then there's this, from my Yahoo start page:

Bush: US is not headed into recession (AP)

Economy skids to near halt (AP)

I've got a day off here, well, mostly. Have to go in for a catering at 3pm. But until then I am takin care of biznass. Got some laundry in, for a start. The mountain of clean, yet to be put away laundry was being overtaken by the hill of newly kitchen-y laundry, so I decided that step one would be to remove the odiferous pile. Then I can put it ALL AWAY, all together. At least in theory.
Rebby brought me a desk yesterday from her work, so now I can pull up to the bumper as it were instead of trying to wrap my legs some crazy way and leaning way over the shelves I was previously using. This is super awesome, and I feel so much more PROFESSIONAL now, but I also have the whole new project of rearranging everyting to fit the new scheme. It will be fun, but it will be more than a half day's project.
Also, there are dishes. And, I have to find the GDMF birth certificate so I can get the GDMF passport. So we can order some GDMF tickets. Sheesh! May is really, really not that far away.
Anyway, here are two things I want to share with you: Trader Joes's Sea Salt Brownie Bites. I am swooning. I can replicate them at home, surely, but right now there is nothing better than a plastic container of bite sized salty chocolately sweet treats.
And also: The Grateful Dead. I always, always love Achewood, but this one made me spit coffee across my new desk. Wow.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jay Aston, probably NOT singing Desire....

I had such a swirly goth time at the Gene Loves Jezebel show last night! I got super gothed up with my black velvet skirt and a black crinkly gauze dress over it, with a sweater and floaty scarf and my goth hat. I think I may have been one of at least the top 5 gothest people there. Loved it.
We ran into Spat in line--he said he had almost sent a message asking if I was going to the show but then he figured I was. And he was right! I also finally confirmed that the gothy bellydance chick I've seen around here and there is a figure out of my distant goth past. She didn't really know me that well, so I didn't say anything to her last night, but the next time we're in the same place I will make an introduction. Maybe.
Anyhow, we got some expensive drinks (scotch on the rocks for rebby and a grey goose martini for me!) and stood around listening to terrible alternative music waiting for the Sci Fi Idols to go on. Finally, they did, and they were great! It was nice to see them again and sing and dance along. I could not help surveying the crowd to see just what kind of person goes to a Gene Loves Jezebel concert at 7pm on a Friday night in freezing rain. It was an odd mix, for sure. But there were at least 20 people I could safely say were in my age bracket, and thusly were around for the real Gene Loves Jezebel heyday.
Speaking of the heyday, I gotta admit that I only recognized about 5 songs. They didn't do ANY from Promise, the debut album which was my favorite. Of course, that album is all weird and no hits. They did four songs from Discover, which was the BREAKOUT hit album and I got my swirl on bigtime. I recognized a few here and there from later albums (Jealous, Kiss of Life) and a couple I didn't really recognize but I got my swirl on anyway. There was a good chunk of the evening where I was trying really hard but Jay was being a little embarassing. I guess you might have to accept that when trying to relive your gothic youth of 25 or so years ago.
Jay looks good---not ultra androgynously wonderful like in 1985, but good. The rest of the band, not so much. But they all really played with passion, and that's what counts. I mean honestly, Trent Reznor doesn't look that great these days either. But he still has the passion, and these guys did too.
Best part of the night was when I noticed to my left this very tough punk looking dude in a gene loves jezebel tee shirt. I was so skeptical that someone who LOOKED like that would be into this faggy band. But then---he started dancing, and I could see that you really should not judge a book by it's cover. Jokes on me.
When it was all over I sought out Bobby to say goodnight and he told me how excited he is for his cabaret act. God bless him. We headed out into the southside night and went to dinner at Tom's Diner. Dinner in the Diner, nothing could be finer. And then we made our way home in the drizzle, and hopped into bed. Slept until 10am! I guess the vodka did me good.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh my ears and whiskers, it's been a long time!
I didn't have a day off last week so I spent a lot less time in front of the computer than I would on a day like today. Today I've been alternating work emails, laundry, myspace adventures(more in a minute!)prepping for the ethiopian dinner I'm making tonight(more on that too!) and reading blog posts at home grown evolution. I am totally in love with this website--a couple of LA freaks who are living as off the grid as possible, raising chickens, gardening, fermenting, rigging up crazy graywater recycling mcahines, etc. It's very inspiring. Oh, I've also done some dishes today, and when I was doing dishes I was gazing out the back door and just fantasizing about the lovely oasis we're going to construct once the weather is nicer. I was also thinking how nice it would be to have some other likeminded responsible adults to share this big house with us. Being on our own is awesome, but sometimes (like when I am preparing an ethiopian dinner, or thinking about putting in a garden and building backyard ovens, not to mention painting and other household improvements) I think we've got too much space and too fantastic a situation not to share it with others. Of course, the chances of stumbling upon the right people are pretty slim, as I've learned with almost all of my past co-habitating experiments. Still, I guess it's good to be open. For now, we're happy how we are.
Last night we had an amazing dinner of happypig porkchops, pimpy mac&cheese (I used whole wheat rainbow noodles, swiss cheese, pepperoni, garlic, onions, sour cream, whipped cream and half and half. I was basically trying to use up little bits of dairy and it came out fantastic!) and steamed broccoli with lemon and butter (out of the chest freezer) Then we played trivia games until 10:30. First we played the KISS trivia game, then we asked each other questions out of the silver screen edition of Trivial Pursuit (we didn't bother getting out the game board) It was a really nice chill evening. We've been having a lot of those lately, just cooking good dinners and then hanging out, watching a movie or reading. I like it.
So yeah, somehow I got a bug in my bonnet to make an ethiopian dinner. I started the Injera batter on Monday night, and this morning I made some berbere and niter kebbeh. It's amazing, but I almost choked myself to death on the fumes from toasting cayenne pepper. Yow! In an hour or so I'll start getting together the Doro Wat (chicken stew) and Lentil stew and kale with carrots. (I can't remember their names right now) Don't you wish you lived here? Hee.
Other than working on my Ethiopian prep and putting laundry in and emailing catering clients, I spent a good deal of time clicking through the myspace pages of local pittsburgh goth bands, current and past. I got a message about a show on saturday night featuring Venus In Furs and a new band starring Peter from Mace and his hairstylist wife called Una de Luna. Drat! Of course, I have a show Saturday night myself, so I can't go. But, I got to check out their pages and the mace tribute page that Peter put together (I can tell he did it because he has a distinctive, ESL writing style) What lovely gothic memories! I'm really glad he's still kicking around, and the songs on their page sound really good. Can't wait to actually check them out!
So yeah, we've got an Anita Fix show on Saturday. It's with The Bumps and Alexei and Company. After Monday night's rather insane practice, I set Al the task of coming up with a very succint set list that we will follow to the letter. It's a long bill and we can't really be pouring our psychadelic hearts into it like we did at practice. We've gotta save the crazy crowd surfing and banging on metal for a more appropriate occasion, I think.
Before the Anita Fix show is The Sci Fi Idols and Gene Loves Jezebel at Diesel on Friday. I am SO PSYCHED! for this show. I've got to get out my spinniest floatiest scarves and skirts.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Yoko!

The lady turns 75 today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh I'm picking out a thermos for you...

This thermos is NOT for you. It is for me. I am totally in love with this thermos, despite that fact that it is probably not actually vintage but some target/hipster/knockoff. It makes me happy.

Not making me happy this morning is the several feet of snow I am going to have to trudge through in a bit to get to the bus stop. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry for the abrupt end to the Live Grammy Blogging. Rebby came home and I really just didn't feel like I could keep it up. I went to bed after Rehab won record of the year too.
Anyway, I'm sure you can fill in the snark about that Brad Paisley song, "I Want to Check You For Ticks." If ever there was someone doing self parody, that has to be it. Though he appeared to be earnest while performing it. Good lord.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My grammy moment: the super excitable violin chick. She's good.
Foo Fighters with John Paul Jones and some orchestra. Interesting.
Good for Dave Grohl. He;s a good guy. He is a cheese expert, you may not know.
Doesn't sound so good tonight, I gotta say.
More Beyonce than Tina, ha.
I wish they'd show John Paul Jones!
Ok, I think this is the orchestral break down. There's JPJ! He's fab.
I've been super sick this week. A really annoying head cold that just kept hanging on. I spent all day Thursday in bed, then pretty much all day Saturday too. I am pretty much better today, but I've got that thick back of the head mucus still hanging on. Grr.

Grammys are back!
Something futuristic is happening. The audience seems to know what it is....Kanye? Wow. He's got some crazy light glasses on.
He also seems to have a tail...and he is self censoring. Good for him. he's singing a ballad about his mama. That was intense. People are all crying.
Ew. Fergie with John Legend. She's being a bit restrained at least. I wish he would sing...he's awesome.
I guess tonight is going to be all about women performing hystrionically. I guess it always is on awards shows.
Oh shit! George Martin! I wonder if he ever got a Grammy before? Best compilation soundtrack for LOVE.
Ringo looks so good. I'm really pleased for him.

Commercials again.

So yeah, this week was kinda lame because of the head cold. I did go over to Jilly's on Wednesday night to watch Song Remains the Same and meet Sebastian Heath Ledger Miller, her new ginger boy. He is really sweet and laid back. He sat on my lap for quite a while. Jilly made a delicious dinner of roasted pork loin, purple potatoes, and brussels sprouts, and rice pudding. I could taste it, even! After dinner though, the snot really came back and I spent most of the movie blowing my nose. Still and all, it was jimmy. Can't go wrong.

Hello, it's Cher! She can barely open her mouth.
I gotta say....I'm just really tired of Beyonce.
WOW. Tina. Just WOW. She looks amazing. And she can still hit that note.And she's still wearing those heels. Bless her.
Oh! I should see if that Better Be Good to Me video with Cy Curnin is on youtube! In fact, I should look for Fixx videos in general. Next commercial break.
Beyonce needs to get some grit in her voice. She's got a long way to go to catch up with Tina.

OMG. Andy Williams is still alive? I'm gotta say I'm shocked.
Burt Bacharach gets a lifetime award! Guess he's not there.

Song of the year. Rehab, Amy Winehouse.

I'm kinda shocked at how many of these folks I don't know.
Back soon.

Alicia Keys is a classy dame.
Prince was cute.
Carrie Underwood can bite me.
The Time!?!?!? Dude!!!!!!
That was awesome for like a minute, now Rhianna is wearing some kind of dress made out of grass.
Whoa, a little MJ teaser. Nope, not happenin.
Ok, now the Time is back. I am ecstatic!
Tom Hanks is saying The BAND like a curse.
Lifetime acheivement award. Whatevs.
OK, now it's Beatles time......
Ringo and Yoko are so cute!
This Cirque Du Soleil thing is a little too conceptual for me. Is it supposed to relate to the song in some way? I'm not getting it.
This young person singing Let It Be is pretty amazing. Oh yeah, gospel choir. I'm gonna weep.
Cyndi! Oh she looks so lovely!
Wow, I've actually only heard of two of the best new artists nominees. I'm glad Amy won instead of Feist, though I'm not a huge Amy fan either.
John Paul Jones is conducting the orchestra with the Foo Fighters. Bizzarro world.
What is this Brian Fitzgerald guy playing? It's like a smooshed up violin. I don't like it. I vote for the cellist.
Commercial time! Be right back.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Dig Current Music
Once in a while, anyway.
I've got this long morning off (on the new schedule I don't go in until 6pm on Tuesdays!!!) so I am passing the time cleaning my office and downloading stuff from emusic. Mostly I've been downloading lots of world fusion/morrocan/middle eastern stuff, cuz that's the way I've been feeling, but then I noticed the editor's pick for Yeasayer. They're a Brooklyn band with an amazing atmospheric sound---reminds me a lot of early Peter Gabriel. I'm just digging it a lot. I didn't download the whole album, but most of it. You should go to their myspace right now and listen to Sunrise, at least. Wow.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Coop turns 60 today! I'm not going to be celebrating his birthday with alcohol, I can tell you that much.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another weekend has come and gone. I actually DID STUFF this weekend, too! Like, social stuff. Like, I went out Friday night to GOOSKIS of all places---I can't tell you how long it's been since I was there, but it's been a long time. Ukelizzy, Leslie Addis, Centipede E'st and The Working Poor all played to benefit some friends who lost their living/working space in a fire.
It was weird to be in Gooskis, for sure. The smoke made me cranky, and the bunches of people I didn't know who were taking up all the booths and seats made me cranky. But once the playing started and the Burning Rivers started working I felt much better. Everyone was fantastic, most especially Centipede. It's been a long time since I've seen them and they really blew me away with the rhythmic drone. I stuck it out almost to the bitter end (I think The Working Poor might have been fixin to encore when we left) and then we came home and went right to bed.
Saturday morning I didn't really feel too bad, despite the smoke and the 5 or so beers. And the fact that I woke up at 8:30 to go to the farmer's market. Seems silly, I know, but I was really wanting some good eggs. We bundled up and walked the couple blocks and stocked up on eggs, raw milk, bacon, and bread. It was more or less a breakfast mission, though I did get some garlic too. Came back and turned the ingredients into a yummy breakfast, and then we went on a big thrifting odyssey.
We've actually been doing a bit of thrifting for the past three weekends, but this weekend we were determined to hit the community thrift on Babcock Blvd because we'd heard great things. Each time we've tried to go there we either couldn't find it, or found it too late. But this time we found it with only one wrong turn, and arrived in the afternoon.
What a glorious thrifting time it was too! We got a Kenwood dual cassette deck (after picking up a Kenwood reciever and tuner the previous weekend at the Bellevue Red White and Blue!) and a really nice little ceramic soup set (a soup crock and four little matching bowls--it's adorable!) and a breadbox! I found a pair of Doc Marten brown Mary Janes, and a couple pairs of work pants. Rebby got some books and a really nice antique booze bottle for her collection. Oh, and some duck boots for hunting. It really is a great little store, but their pricing scheme is hard to figure out. Some things seemed wildly under priced, and some things were definitely very much over priced. Oh well.
We stopped in at the McKnight Rd Goodwill too, and I loaded up on pants and got a couple of pretty dresses. I am starting to feel very hippish lately and the dresses I got are certainly hippie style dresses. Pretty though, and only $2 each. Can't beat that.
After the Goodwill we had to go to Best Buy so rebby could spend her good employee gift card. I really hate that store and all stores like it, so I just sort of shut down and wandered a little, trying not to let all the people and all the STUFF get to me. We ended up getting the first two seasons of the Muppet Show--we used the gift card and then split the difference as our valentine present to each other. Aw. We've watched the first two discs of season one so far. I always thought that Gonzo was my favorite, but now I think it might be Rolf.
After the Best Buy we headed to Trader Joes to get cheeseball ingredients for the saturday night birthday party. Shopping at 4 in the afternoon the day before the superbowl is probably something most people would recognize as a dumb idea, but I hadn't given it any thought. It was so insanely packed in that poorly designed store! People were on top of each other in line, trying to maneuver carts around the aisles where people were standing around waiting in was awful. We were quick and efficient though so our time in hell was short.
Got home and ate some leftovers, then rebby fell to sleep and I made the cheeseball. It was a special request from the birthday boy since he shares his birthday with the founding of the first cheese factory in switzerland. hee.
I showered and dressed and spent about 20 minutes trying to wake rebby out of a dead sleep. Finally we got going and arrived at the party house. I realized I had not been there in over a year---since last new year's eve, in fact. It made me feel a little sad to think about, since I was there all the time just a few years ago. Anyway, a small group was gathered and there was lots of booze to be had and lots of crackers for the cheeseball, and some pork barbecue stewing away in the crockpot. For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to drink rum and cokes all night long, which I proceeded to do. It was not actually a good idea at all, though I didn't realize that until this morning. Last night it was fun fun fun!
I talked to a lot of people I haven't talked to in a long while, and I got caught up on the birthday boy's big trips to New Orleans and Las Vegas. I was kind of expecting dancing, but it never materialized. Just fine in retrospect, I guess. It was really nice to just have a low key fun time out with good folks. And then to fall into bed tipsy as all get out. Woooooo boy.
This morning I suffered. I slept until 10:30, then woke up for about 20 minutes and fell back to sleep. Rebby got up and made breakfast at about noon---I valiantly tried to eat and watch some muppets but basically I ended up falling back to sleep on the couch and eventually get back in bed. My day didn't really start until 4:30pm. Dang. Luckily this is not the kind of thing I do all the time, so I'm gonna chalk it up to my one big drunken blow out for the month. It really sucks to loose a whole day to feeling like you might toss your cookies at any moment.
When I finally got up for reals I put away some laundry, made some dinner, and worked up some peasant rye bread. It didn't rise very much, but it smells lovely. I'll be taking it out of the oven in a few minutes, and then I can go back to bed.
Happy weekend.