Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well now, it's the halfway point in my staycation today. So far, so good. Today is serious smackdown on the office day---I've got the corner cleared out to move my shelving unit, after which time I will move the desk to the middle of the wall, hook up the new lamp from the media room, and start putting things back together. I have taken out two bags of trash so far, filled a big box with goodwill/yardsale/free stuff, and another big box with magazines to take downstairs and probably eventually recycle. A couple months ago I started a project of tearing pages out of magazines with recipes I liked, so I could recycle the rest of the magazine....didn't get too far with it, but it's a noble idea. It's incredibly hard for me to recycle the cooking magazines. But do I ever flip through them and cook anything out of them? No.
Another project on the agenda for today (and I have a fighting chance--it's only 10:30!) is doing some major harvesting in the garden. Last night while I was gathering leaves for a salad I pulled up a few root veggies to see what I have to work with for the kimchee I want to get started today. Answer: nothin. The root veggies I pulled (carrots, beet, daikon) were so pathetically small I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture. Really, it's sad. I am a total failure at root crops. Well, maybe the potatoes did alright--one of the plants is completely yellow so I'm gonna dig that one up today. I think next year we'll have to mix some sand into the soil so it doesn't compact so much--the dirt gets rock solid between watering/rains and the poor root veggies just don't have a chance. We're good with leaves, and seem to do okay with fruits (tomatoes, peppers, peas, squashes) but the roots are just gonna be a no go this year, I think. I did pull a couple of decent sized radishes earlier, so maybe I can have some more success with them. Plus, I can try again in the fall. It's just a little disheartening to wait SO LONG for something and watch it grow massive leaves and then find only a tiny little root underneath. Bummer.
Still, turnip leaves will be nice in the kimchee even if I don't get any turnips to speak of. I've got some carrots in the fridge so those can go in the kimchee, and maybe I can find a radish that's ready. I've really got to get the three sisters in the ground soon--corn, pattypan squash, and black beans. Maybe tomorrow. The weather has still been a little spotty even though it's been 80+degrees in the afternoons...but I don't want to wait too much longer.
I've been staying in all week so far, but this afternoon I'll be venturing out at least to pick up Donovan from daycare with Jennie. Tomorrow I plan to go to the strip, check out some arts festival stuff, and then go see Meshell Ndegeocello in the evening. It's the official grand opening of the August Wilson Center. I'm really excited to check it out.
Ok! back to the grind. Oh! yesterday morning I spent a couple hours on the ole computerbox doing research for our vacation in the Land of Enchantment. Check out the del. icio. us links under newmex for some of my must sees.


Blogger madorange said...

So are you staying at that B&B in Santa Fe and not with us? You will at least have dinner with us, right?

I just heard about Pietown recently. Weird that I never knew about it, but I've not explored my home state all that much. Was hoping to do a lot of exploring while not working, but so far that's not happening. Anyway, bear in mind that Pietown is in the middle of nowhere and has no lodging so plan to stay in a nearby city out there. Also, a friend told us the two pie shops close early so check the times!!

Glad you are enjoying your staycation.

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