Monday, July 20, 2009

FINALLY got confirmation that rebby can go to see Alice Cooper and BOC with me on August 1st at the Ohio State Fair. Before she could say another word I booked a king sized deluxe jacuzzi suite. I have my priorities.
This summer has been all about the out of town gigs for her...she's gone at least Mon-Fri, and occasionally over the weekend as well. This past weekend she was home but I had to work all day Saturday and Sunday, and it's gonna be like that next weekend too. So by the time August 1st rolls around, we will have gone three solid weeks without spending any time together at all (aside from the Dormont steak party, a few hours yesterday morning, and sleeping.)
I am determined that we will do NO CHORES that weekend and instead will hop in the truck super early Saturday morning, have a nice road trip to Columbus, poke around the city a little bit, check into our hotel, enjoy all it has to offer, spend a few hours wandering the Ohio State Fair eating fair food and looking at giant prizewinning zucchini and pigs, then settle in for a restorative rock show.
Back to the jacuzzi, sleepin, and then a leisurely breakfast somewhere and back on the road. I might even turn my cellphone off for the whole weekend. That is how serious I am about this.
So the next hurdle we are still trying to jump is the September vacation hurdle. She still has not gotten a confirmation that she can come for the whole vacation, and I am running out of patience with her superiors. If I don't hear anything in the next day I am just going to book my plane ticket and hope I can get her on the same flight later if it turns out she can go. Can't wait around forever when I have GREEN CHILE in my future!


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