Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just spent a while trolling the archives at youtube. I watched shaun cassidy, leif garrett, andy gibb, bill bixby as the magician, tim curry singing the amazing "anything can happen on halloween" and then I found Vampiretown.
I haven't seen it in at least 6 years. It's brilliant. Please watch.
love, the good witch (vampire)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Oh also:
contemplate this.

Holy Moly.
Hello friends!
It's been a long time. I've been doing mostly the following: working, laundry, farmer's market shopping, eating outside on my new patio furniture, hanging with dad, playing computer solitaire, watching Carnivale, watching Tin Man, thinking about Alan Cumming until my head practically explodes, listening to ole Russ in his podcasts, going mental about the new Alice Cooper album, searching online for the perfect orange sofa, rediscovering Dr Bronner's Eucalyptus soap, trying to avoid getting hooked on Claritin (other allergy remedies are available), making saurkraut, making bread, making shortcakes. And much more.
Today I did a lot of gardening and I am super happy. Rebby dug a new garden plot after the old one turned into a giant neighborhood stray cat litterbox(ugh) and wrapped it up with plastic fencing. Dad took me to Trax farms where they were selling all their vegetable plants remaining for 50 cents, so I got a bunch of peppers, a bunch of tomatoes, some herbs I was missing, and some marigolds and a yellow doll baby watermelon plant. When I got home I put on my overalls and sunscreen and went out there in the 81 degrees and 60% humidity. Ugh. I put everybody in the ground though, and then piled some straw in between to prevent weeds and then gave it all a good watering. Then I took a bath, and while I was taking a bath a giant thunderstorm started! It's cool. So the garden got a lot of water and it is looking perky already! I plan to sow some salad greens in the space between the rows. I had planned to put some compost in the garden before planting, but when I opened the bin it was swarming with ants! The internet says that means the compost is too dry, so I watered it too. Fingers crossed.
My little herb hideaways are getting more and more exciting. I have two rosemary plants, a thyme, a lavendar, some basil sprouts, and then in the other box I have sage, marjoram, oregano and mint. I meant to get a dill plant today but I forgot. I put my cilantro and garlic chives and basil into the garden proper so they can get really big. The side garden out the kitchen door was a bust, I'm afraid. It's far too shady. I need to do some research into good shade plants and just make it a decorative planter for the rest of the summer, I think. Hostas, more than likely.
So, that's a little update on me. I'm a bachelorette this week as rebby is out of town for work, so I hope to line up some dates and make the most of the time alone too. I haven't been out to see a band in ages! Maybe I can rectify that this week.
Oh! I've got *almost* all of my holiday snaps up on flickr. Please check them out and leave comments! It's fun.