Sunday, September 18, 2005

Update on my rock and roll life......
So, the Judas Priest show was cancelled! "Officially" due to tour conflicts, however they are playing the show the night before and the show the night after. "Unofficially" they had only sold 1,000 tickets a month before the show. So very sad. Pittsburgh USED to rock!
Oh well, Cleveland still rocks....on October 7th, Cleveland will be rocking with Alice Cooper at the Freaker's Ball! Becky and I will be rocking from the 6th row on the Roxie side. Hoping to be able to glam it up bigtime(it is an early Halloween party, after all!) with my Dirty Heathen Pagan t shirt and top hat and boa. Hoping also to meet up with Roxie before the show to get the Dad's Porno Mag CD he hopefully has saved for me, and give him the tiny Willie Wonka button I bought for him. Gosh, how I love that guy! His latest podcast where he slobbers all over himself interviewing Cheap Trick is so adorable.
Travel plans have changed slightly.....although we can't stay overnight as Becky has to be back on Saturday to videotape a wedding, I don't have to cook any supper on Friday so we can take off right around noon. A little over two hours drive, and then it's Cleveland's thrift stores and Alice's restaurant for us!
In other news, I finally have UFO's first album Phenomenon. My search is over! My Alice inspired triumverate of UFO, Dio, and Tesla is complete! He's going to have to find some new long lost classics for me to hunt for now.