Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey peoples!
So, it turns out that I don't really have a day off this week until Sunday, so I'm not going to be able to do the massive breakdown of the rock star weekend that I planned. In the meantime, here is a link to some pics taken by lolirock entertainment, an erie collective who do show reviews.
Hopefully you can see the pics even if you don't have a myspace. The pics are great....the review is a little weird. But then again, so was the show.
I'm hoping somebody will post some pics from the friday show too and I'll pass that along. And eventually I'll get around to recording my memories and uploading my pics as well. I got some great T Glitter shots---as J* always says, he's about the best photo subject there is.
In other news, rebby just met a man about chopping down some trees. On earth day. I know, that seems wrong, but really the trees are all either dead or dangerous, and we want to replace them with some vibrant happy fruit trees. I should really take some pictures before they come down though so I can remember the before and after. The giant maple in the front is definitely coming will be nice to a)not have to clean up after it in the fall and b)not have to worry about limbs breaking off and coming through my office window and c)be able to fix the foundation of the house where it's giant roots are poking through. Also, my potential gardening space will be tripled! It's really exciting.
This is the first huge outlay of cash all at one time on the home for us, and it's slightly nerve racking. I know this is what happens when you are a home owner, but writing those big checks is never easy. Hopefully we'll have a friend who is a general contractor over for some pizza and beer on Sunday to get some other projects going too. Rebby is in TCB mode bigtime! Time to make lists. Prioritize.
Finally, emailed with my sister yesterday about a possible joint trip to the southwest in September. It's green chile season, donchaknow! Ta for now....

Monday, April 20, 2009

This is just a teaser....something is wrong with my flickr uploader and I don't have time to fix it this morning, so I'll try to upload the pics tomorrow.

We all survived the Dead at 24 reunion tour weekend, albeit Al completely shredded his vocal cords and we had a really scary moment where it appeared that a suitcase full of extremely expensive equipment that doesn't belong to us got lost in the shuffle. (turns out our friends from Erie grabbed it by mistake)

Friday night was a great, I would even say TRIUMPHANT show. Saturday night was a trainwreck, which is I suppose more true to form when it comes to D@24. Several people who saw both (and remembered D@24 from the old days) liked Erie more. They're gluttons for punishment.

I'll post more later.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hi ho!
I'm having a day off! and I'm not illin! huzzah! actually, to be completely honest I'm having a little work meeting/luncheon in an hour, so it's not entirely a day off. and, I had to do a bunch of work related emailing earlier. still, I am not going in to the restaurant nor am I having to think about the various personality profiles interacting in the kitchen. and that is quite a relief, lemmetellya.
so yeah, our STAFFING situation is pretty much resolved, but there are still personality/workstyle issues to work out. it's always a struggle, isn't it?
anyhow, today it is not my problem. today I have thusfar:
did the aforementioned work emailing
did some D@24 PR
baked a cute little whole wheat bread, and put up enough dough for 3 more loaves in the fridge (seriously, this has changed my life. all hail once again mother earth news!)
made dough for four pizzas, one of which is going to be today's tomato-bacon-red onion-goat cheese working lunch
bleached the bejeezes out of the kitchen towels
cleaned the downstairs bathroom
cleaned out the fridge
PUT AWAY THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hell yes, my friends. today has been a super productive day. almost makes up for last week's zero productivity.
so yeah, meeting in an hour, then some more cleanin, then perhaps rebby and I will pay a visit to the beerman this evening.
she gave up beer for jesus and it was a looooooooooong forty days and forty nights (with just one slip up when she went to visit her cousin who was home on leave from Iraq) We haven't been to see Scott in about two months! Sad.
OH and also, my friend Pete might be stopping over to regard my bicycle. He is going to be my BICYCLE REPAIR MAN
I can't wait to get my purple beauty out on the road!
Oh, speaking of getting her out on the road.....just learned that Point Brugge cafe is opening a satellite location on Bryant Street in Highland bike rideable. Life is good.
More tomorrow, hopefully.

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's Donny's Birthday

tinyd, originally uploaded by alienspice.

It's Donny's birthday
It'sDonny's birthday
And we would like to wish him all the very best
It's Donny'sbirthday
It's Donny's birthday
And it's so nice to have you back to be our guest

At Donny's birthday
At Donny's birthday
We'd like to wish you all what you would wish yourself
On Donny's birthday
It's Donny's birthday
And it's so good to have you back from off the shelf
And it's so good to have...
You back from off the shelf...

Does it work? Maybe not. His mom and pop will get it though. ;)
Happy birthday little guy! Aunt Shirley is very happy to have you around.